VR Program x Local Municipality (2022)


Virtual Care Yuzuatto x Hiroshima City collab

“Virtual Care Yuzuatto” will hold the “Metaverse Student Placement Support Program” for truant high school students living in Hiroshima City. The implementation period is 8 days from September 26th (Monday) to October 9th (Sunday).

The whereabouts of truant students in VRChat
“Virtual Care Yuzuatto” will be established in Hiroshima City in May 2022. The activity base is a social VR platform (VRChat), and it is an organization that tackles social welfare issues through virtual spaces. It consists of members with diverse backgrounds, such as non-attendance students and various handicaps.

The Metaverse Refusal Student Whereabouts Support Program, which will be held this time, is aimed at refusal high school students living in Hiroshima City. Participants use the VR device “Meta Quest2” to access the VR platform “VRChat” with their mentors. We will interact with creators who are active in the virtual space and explore “VRChat”. Through this program, participants will have the opportunity to rediscover their own interests and find new possibilities.

This program is supported and supported by the Hiroshima City Social Welfare Council “Hiroshima Community Welfare Promotion Challenge Support Project (FY2022)” and NPO Virtual Rights. In addition, we collaborate with clinical psychology experts, including Professor Tatsuya Sato of the College of Comprehensive Psychology, Ritsumeikan University.

Other movements to support mental health with VR
The trend of using VR to solve mental health problems is accelerating both in Japan and overseas. Attempts to achieve “construction of a safe and accessible therapy space” through virtual space are expected to continue.



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