Mobile Game IP x Burger Franchise (2022)


Diablo Immortal x Burger King collab

Burger King (BK Japan Holdings) will sell the “Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger” in collaboration with the mobile/PC game “Diablo Immortal” operated by Activision Blizzard Japan for a limited time from September 9th to 29th.

Diablo is a game that appeared in 1996 as a pioneer of multiplayer online RPGs (MORPGs), and Immortal is the latest work depicting the story between II and III. Activision Blizzard is the first game to be provided for mobile, and can be enjoyed on smartphones with iOS and Android in Japan.

The Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger expresses the Immortal world view as a hamburger, and in addition to two 100% beef patties grilled over an open flame and four pieces of cheddar cheese, it uses smoked dry flakes and a special spicy sauce to create a stimulating experience. You can enjoy the spicy taste.

The smoked dry flakes use tentaka chili peppers and smoked paprika powder, which have a strong spiciness, and garlic flavor is added to them, realizing authentic spiciness and an addictive texture.

The price is 1,390 yen for a single item and 1,690 yen for a set (French fries M + drink M). Purchasers will receive an original wet tissue designed by the game on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yue Makino, representative of Activision Blizzard Japan, said, “We have actually collaborated with Burger King overseas, but this is the first time in Japan. We would like to implement

According to Mr. Toshimitsu Mugi, Senior Brand Manager, Marketing Division, BK Japan Holdings, “We have been paying attention to the high affinity between our hamburger users and game users for some time.” Certainly, the lifestyle of ordering meals from delivery and enjoying games to the fullest in one’s room goes well with hamburgers.

Along with the release, a Diablo Immortal collaboration room will open for a limited time on the first basement floor of Burger King Akihabara Showa-dori (1–21 Kanda Sakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) from September 6th to 29th.

The room is based on the kitchen of the boss character, the demon “Butcher”, and the walls, floor, tables, chairs, and even the background music inside the store express a dark worldview.



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