Liquor x Metaverse (2021)

Rum x VRChat collab

The rum “LAODI Sugar Cane Marriage Rum MERINO EDITION” was announced on November 26th (Friday), assuming a drinking party at Metaverse. It will be on sale from December 1st. Reservations are currently underway.

“LAODI Sugar Cane Marriage Rum MERINO EDITION” is a liquor that was announced assuming a drinking party held in a virtual space such as VRChat. The bottle and glass assets that can be used on VRChat will be distributed free of charge, so you can pick up liquor with the same design as the real one, so you can enjoy it both real and virtual.

The package design is a collaboration with the popular avatar “Merino” in Metaverse, and the label is newly drawn by the author, Mr. Podero.

This project was started by Skeb’s founder, Narugami. From the desire to “spread the deliciousness of distilled liquor” to the younger generation, it was decided to collaborate with LAODI, which manufactures pesticide-free craft rum. “While it has a bitterness like caramel, it has a deep sweetness like brown sugar, which makes you feel relieved.”

Click here to make a reservation (* Sake after turning 20).



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