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Japan Sumo Association x Pokemon collab

Get a new fan! Continuing from the Kyushu location in November last year, the Japan Sumo Association has implemented a joint project with Pokemon. Gyoji costumes designed with traditional Japanese patterns and make-up mawashi of popular characters from the popular game series “Pokemon” are on display throughout the building. The number of prize money, which was 66 in the Kyushu area, is now 257, which is about four times higher.

[Photo] Ishiura-Pokemon Sweepstakes Flag for Terutsuyoshi’s Efforts

I have already realized the effect. A spokeswoman for the association said, “Audiences with Pokemon goods stood out in the Kyushu area. It was a different feeling from the fan base so far,” recalls the Kyushu area. It is said that many spectators are looking for Pokemon goods to distribute to visitors. “I want a wider range of people to know about sumo wrestling,” he said.

The impact is also great for Pokemon. A spokeswoman for the company said, “Pokemon is popular mainly with children and has a chance to be recognized across generations.” At this place, an average of 15 sweepstakes flags will be shown on the sumo wrestling broadcast a day. An association that wants younger generations to know about sumo, and Pokemon that wants older generations to know about Pokemon. A project in which each other’s thoughts are well engaged is exciting the first place. [Takashi Sasaki] (Nikkan Sports.com / Battle Column “Ozumou Inside Story”)




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