Game IP x Tourism (2022)

Ghost of Tsushima x Tsushima Tourism Goods collab

Official goods of the game software “Ghost of Tsushima” based on the Mongol invasion are on sale at the tourist information center “Fureai Dokoro Tsushima” in Izuhara Town, Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture.
The Tsushima Tourism and Products Association, which operates the museum, started in late April in order to increase the satisfaction of game fan tourists. There are 14 types of goods, such as T-shirts with the image of special moves in the game and mugs with logos.
It is said that it is a big hit game all over the world, and many overseas fans are saying “I want to go to Tsushima” on the internet. The boom is likely to continue, such as the decision to make a Hollywood movie, and the person in charge said, “I’m also expecting an inbound effect after Corona.”



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