Game IP x Service (2023)

Rockman EXE Advanced Collection x NURO collab

Sony Network Communications will carry out a campaign in collaboration with Capcom’s “Rockman EXE Advanced Collection” on the high-speed optical line service “NURO Hikari” from March 20th.

There are two campaigns: the “NURO Hikari Application Campaign” where you can receive cashback and limited Rockman EXE goods, and the “Official Twitter Campaign” where 50 people will win an Amazon gift card of 6,900 yen by lottery.

Outline of “NURO Hikari x Rockman EXE Advanced Collection Collaboration Campaign”
“NURO Hikari Application Campaign”
Target period: March 20th to March 31st

If you apply for “NURO Hikari” from the dedicated page during the target period, you will receive a limited-time benefit of 53,000 yen cash back, as well as Rockman EXE goods limited to this campaign (original headphones with case). Delivery is scheduled for May.

[Original headphones with case]

Campaign page:

*Information on how to receive the cashback will be sent to you by email 6 months after you start using the fiber-optic line.
* Those who cancel or cancel the application before the delivery of Rockman EXE goods start are not eligible.

“Official Twitter Campaign”
Target period: March 20th to March 31st

During the period, follow the “NURO Hikari” Twitter account (@NUROhikari_Sony) and the Rockman series official account (@ROCKMAN_UNITY) and retweet the campaign tweet to win an Amazon gift card worth 6,900 yen to 50 people by lottery. In addition, if you post the hashtag “# Memorable Exe name scene”, the winning probability will increase.

「NURO 光」×「ロックマンエグゼ アドバンスドコレクション」コラボキャンペーン開始 — GAME Watch (



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