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Ghostwire: Tokyo x Shibuya attractions

“Ghostwire: Tokyo” is an open-world action-adventure game that has already become a hot topic since it was released on March 25th. One of the attractions of this game is the high degree of reproducibility that makes you feel as if you are walking around Shibuya.

In this article, I picked up the shops that stopped my eyes while I was running around Shibuya. I’m sure everyone will be “Oh …?” Such an element is also one of the attractions.

Ramen girl

First of all, the ramen shop you often see. She seems to be able to eat a lot of yasai when it is written in black on a yellow background as ramen. It seems to be a very popular shop, and you can check 4 to 5 shops just by wandering around a small part of Shibuya.


A store that sells and buys games, DVDs, manga, etc. There is an atmosphere that seems to sell cheap full wireless earphones.


Probably a yakitori restaurant, the reading is like Choheimin. I’m not an aristocrat, so I’d like to go eat here. For some reason, I have an oden sale, even though I want to eat yakitori.


It’s a supermarket that makes you want to bring your own Basuketto. Although it calls itself a supermarket, there is an atmosphere where the size of the store seems to be small.


A mobile phone shop that seems to have new freedom, and the small size of the store enhances the realism. Free Wifi stickers can be found at various stores.


Doge n … TOTTOKO Cinema, a huge movie theater in Yugenzaka. Many TOTTOKO movies are probably produced in this world. Currently, a love story with a squid and a movie about a snowball fight are being screened.

Sakamoto Tsuyoshi

A store that looks like a major drug store. Cosmetic points are 20 times bigger. I don’t know why, but I think I can understand it even though no one has taught me the intonation in commercials.

Jukai soba

I thought it was a shop where you should be able to get soba quickly, but since there is a reminiscence manufacturing method, you may be remembering how to make soba. If so, it would take a lot of time. I also felt that there was an advertisement for an enka CD written by the president.


Translated literally, it’s a fresh moth burger, is that okay? The T logo is really fashionable.


A shop where you can take a break and drink delicious coffee. I see it all over Shibuya, so it seems to be widely managed. Like putting canned coffee in a convenience store.

emomate CAFE

Emomate Cafe. It seems that they are currently collaborating with the popular app “Omamori!” In Shibuya. All 6 types of coasters create an atmosphere like random inclusion. Is there anyone who is praying for a safe delivery?


Although it has fewer stores than Fujiyama mart, it is a popular convenience store. The feature is that there is always a bread corner in the store. There is an atmosphere that seems to be a festival in spring. In other words, it seems that even a lunch box is a little-known spot where you can get a point sticker.

Perhaps because of the landscape regulations near the shrine, both convenience stores have a signboard with less colors, isn’t it?


A family restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Italian food at a reasonable price. Currently holding a beef & white stew fair. By the way, I like rhinos better than hippo.


A CD shop that shows the dignity of “Speaking of Shibuya”. Is it okay for the abbreviation to be Uwareko? The first CD I bought with my own money was Makiko Esumi’s ONE WAY DRIVE.

Family restaurant GUEST

A family restaurant with a drink bar and a heap of potatoes for about 2 hours. It seems that they run restaurants with various themes within the group. By the way, the fact that Uwareko and QTE Mart are on the 2nd floor means that you have to climb up to the 3rd floor on the stairs.


It’s like a chain store that lets you eat the ultimate beef bowl. The dog is also approaching because of the smell.

Sushi banzai

A sushi restaurant that seems to be posing with the president spreading his hands, saying, “Speaking of sushi !?” It seems that you can enjoy high quality sushi, but the wasabi 30 times fair is too aggressive.

It’s fun to find your favorite shop between dramatic stories. “Ghostwire: Tokyo” is now available on PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).



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