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Chain Chronicle x Utawarerumono collab

Sega is pleased to announce the latest information on the multi-chain scenario RPG for Android / iOS “Chain Chronicle Part 4 — Call of the New World -” (hereinafter referred to as “Chain Chronicle”). 7th anniversary live broadcast!” was distributed on March 10.

As the title of the program suggests, various information was announced for the 10th anniversary event, including detailed information on the collaboration with “Utawarerumono” to be held from March 14th.

“Utawarerumono” x “Chain Chronicle” detailed information revealed!
Details of the collaboration event with “Utawarerumono” scheduled to start at 11:00 on March 14 have been revealed. This is the 4th collaboration with “Utawarerumono”, and the largest number of collaboration events held in “Chencro”. The event will be held from 11:00 on March 14th to 9:59 on March 28th.

The collaboration event “Utawareru Travelers” is, of course, an original story supervised by the original story. In this collaboration event, it will be held as a medal hunt event, and the more you play, the more rewards you can get.

[Synopsis of “Utawareru Travelers”]
A fleeting peaceful time has come to Yamato’s capital, Teito.
After overcoming many hardships, Anju finally officially became emperor.
And Kuon, Atui, Buzzard, and Nekone, including Oshutoru, the commander-in-chief of Yamato, who supported it.

However, one day, an incident occurred in which the goods in the storehouse in the capital disappeared overnight.
Oshtor and his friends embarked on an investigation, but on the way they were transferred from Yamato to the Yggd continent.
It was the third visit to Yggd for Kuon and company.

Furthermore, Yamato’s supplies scattered all over Yggdo…
The monsters that become violent with the medicinal herbs contained in it…
For the survival of the Imperial Capital, the Oshutors cooperate with the Volunteer Army to collect and replenish supplies!

Five popular characters will appear in the collaboration event. In addition, among the items that can be exchanged at the medal exchange, in addition to the reward character Oshtor, “Kuon” and “Nekone” that appeared in previous collaboration events will appear in reprints. And if you change the bond ability character of “Chain Kuro” to the past “Utawarerumono”, you can form a party with all the characters in the “Utawarerumono” series.

「チェインクロニクル」×「うたわれるもの」コラボの登場キャラクターの詳細を発表 — GAME Watch (



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