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Overwatch 2 x Kiriko animation

On November 18, 2022, Activision Blizzard Japan will release a new short animation depicting the story of Kiriko, the Japanese hero of “Overwatch 2” (PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X|S / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch). Published. In addition, a message video from Ai Fairouz, who is in charge of Japanese dubbing for Kiriko, has also been released.
The short animation tells the story of her childhood with Kiriko’s Shimada brothers and her backstory that leads from those memories of her to the present.

In addition, it was decided that the regional league “Overwatch Contenders Asian Games” to be promoted to the Overwatch League will be revived from 2023, and it will be possible for Japanese teams to participate.
In addition, it has been decided to develop apparel collaboration products with CRAZY RACCOON. It is scheduled to be released in December, and it seems that the follow-up report will be delivered on the official Twitter account of CRAZY RACCOON.

Kiriko’s new short animation world premiere!
The first collaboration goods with CRAZY RACCOON will be released in December
Introducing the latest information on other “Overwatch 2”!

At the CRAZY RACCOON CUP and VTUBING WATCH PARTY held on November 18th (Friday), Kiriko’s new short animation and a message video from Ai Fairouz, who is in charge of dubbing Kiriko’s girlfriend in the original language, will be released. it was done. We also announced the latest information about “Overwatch 2”.

Kiriko’s new short animation
A new short animation drawn on the theme of “What Kiriko wants to protect” is supervised by Jeff Chamberlain, the chief executive and creative director of the “Overwatch” story franchise development team. , was produced by the Japanese animation studio “ENISHIYA Inc.” in cooperation with the Overwatch brand team of the Japanese branch office.

In this work, the new hero “Kiriko” that appeared in “Overwatch 2” is a Japanese hero, so we will deliver the story of “Kiriko” in an animation method that is familiar and pleasing to Japanese users. It came true because I wanted to. Jeff commented on this animation production as follows. “I want to convey through animation the memories of Kiriko’s childhood with the Shimada brothers, which have not yet been drawn, and the backstory that these important memories influence Kiriko’s current strong desire to protect Kanezaka. thought.”

Japan will be able to participate in “Overwatch 2 Contenders Pacific” from 2023

“Overwatch Contenders” is a regional league for promotion to the Overwatch League in the international professional esports league, the world’s highest stage. Until now, in order to be promoted to the Overwatch League, it was necessary to participate in regional leagues held in five regions around the world, and the participation of the Japanese team will start in 2020 with the suspension of the “Overwatch Contenders Asian Games”. It was not covered and had to participate from another region, but this time it was decided that the “Overwatch Contenders Asian Games” will be revived from 2023, and the Japanese team will be able to participate directly. has been announced. Please stay tuned for further details.

Announcing the first collaboration product between “Overwatch 2” and “CRAZY RACCOON”! Released in December 2022! !
This product will be an apparel collaboration with the streamer division “Darumaizugoddo”, “Uruka”, and APEX LEGENDS division “Selly”. We are planning to develop both CR online shop and over-the-counter sales. Please check the official Twitter account of CRAZY RACCOON for further information.

Message video from Fairouz Ai released at VTUBING WATCH PARTY
As the final surprise of the VTUBING WATCH PARTY, a message video was released by Fairouz Ai, who is in charge of Japanese dubbing for Kiriko. In the video, he talks about his impressions of playing Kiriko and a message for Overwatch fans.

The Crazy Raccoon CUP winning team will receive member art from the Overwatch team’s character and concept artists.
Character concept artist Emily Siu, who also designed the Witch Kiriko (witch skin) for the Halloween Terror event, will draw a special picture of the winning team member and present it to Overwatch Development. It was announced by General Manager Walter. Emily is a fan of Japanese game distributors and VTubers, and she commented, “I am very honored and happy to have this opportunity.” The winning team will be presented with member art in December.



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