Disabilities x Drone Education (2021)

Akirayomogi High School’s CONEC

Akirayomogi High School, a wide area communication high school that actively accepts students with developmental disabilities. The learning support center “CONEC”, which is operated by the school and specializes in technology learning such as programming, has signed an agreement on industry-academia collaboration with Hummingbird Co., Ltd.

This will allow students enrolled in CONEC to learn drone knowledge and maneuvering while receiving support tailored to their developmental characteristics and game addiction. It is also possible to receive support from Hummingbird to acquire DPA Drone Pilot Rotorcraft Class 3.
Expand future options with “support and companionship”
Akirayomogi High School opened “CONEC” in April 2021 to support the learning of students who have developmental characteristics and tend to be game-dependent. Here, students are exposed to digital fields such as programming, which are said to have an affinity for developmental disabilities, and are making efforts to participate in society. Among them, we have also developed a drone course by a staff member who has a license as a drone operator.

And now, in collaboration with Hummingbird, it announced that it will start its own drone education program tailored to developmental characteristics and game addiction tendencies. As part of this, we also support the acquisition of the “Drone Operator Rotorcraft Level 3” qualification, mainly for beginners of drone operation over the age of 15. In addition, this qualification certifies the basic knowledge and basic technology for safely flying a small drone.

In this way, both sides are poised to contribute to the development of excellent human resources by developing drone education centered on the support know-how possessed by Akirayomogi High School.
Hummingbird Drone School
Hummingbird is developing a drone-based exterior wall survey business, a drone shop business, and a drone school business. As for the drone school business, we opened “Drone School Odaiba” in November 2018, “Drone School Shibuya” in April 2020, and “Drone School Shinjuku” in July 2021. In addition to one-on-one instruction by an instructor, we also carry out maneuvering training using VR. Recently, the number of female students is increasing rapidly.

By the way, “Drone School Odaiba” is Japan’s first drone school in a commercial facility, and was introduced on Nippon Television’s “Hirunandesu” in October 2021.



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