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Starbucks x PEANUTS collab

Starbucks Coffee Japan will release the first collaboration product with “PEANUTS” on March 22nd, limited to online stores. The price starts from 2,550 yen.

Collaboration products include colorful stainless steel bottles and glass mugs designed by Snoopy wearing a green apron and friends, as well as pre-paid card gifts that include Starbucks cards and message cards in collaboration with “PEANUTS”. ing.

In addition, the second part of this collaboration is scheduled for March 29th.

“STARBUCKS x PEANUTS” collaboration first
Scheduled to be released from March 22nd

Stainless Petit Bottle 200ml
Price: 4,350 yen

This product is a small petit bottle that is perfect for carrying around a cup of Starbucks Via (approximately 180ml). The front side features the siren logo and the “STARBUCKS★PEANUTS” tagline, while the back side features artwork of Snoopy and his friends along with a message. It has a functional shape that allows you to open the lid with one touch, and the vacuum double structure stainless steel has excellent heat and cold insulation.

「スターバックス」×「PEANUTS」コラボ! スヌーピーたちのカラフルなタンブラーやマグが登場 — GAME Watch (



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