Apparel Brand x Game IP (2022)


LACOSTE x Minecraft collab

French premium fashion sports brand LACOSTE is launching a collaborative collection with Minecraft, the world’s most popular sandbox video game since its release in 2011.
This collaboration can be said to be a bridge that connects both the real and virtual worlds. Aggressive, brainy, and solid players can enjoy customized game fashion to their liking. Each person’s individuality will shine with a collection that fits each characteristic.

Atomic Mari and Shubble, female YouTubers of the game system, Brawk, a musician, and Smajor, a videographer, will appear at the recital that will mark the launch of this collaboration in central Paris. Smajor unveiled the map “Croco Island” created for the day and enjoyed it with game fans around the world.

This collaboration is a must-have item for the 2022SS collection, which is indispensable for your own style expression, whether real or virtual. Gamers of all generations have been immersing themselves in the world of Minecraft for over a decade. This extraordinary cyber group, in turn, jumps out into the real world and immerses itself in the world of Lacoste, which has never been associated with it before. Composed of Minecraft pixelated clothing and accessories, it is a 360 ° wardrobe for men, women and kids.

The Lacoste x Minecraft collection blends the characteristics of each other’s brands. The crocodile design was pixelated by Minecraft’s creative group, and symbolic words taken from the concept of play that both sides think, such as the common values ​​of both brands that started the collaboration, are incorporated into the main items of the collection. It is rare.

Items are priced from men’s and women’s cut-and-sew ¥ 11,000 ~, polo shirts ¥ 19,800 ~, sweatshirts ¥ 25,300 ~, underwear ¥ 4,400, pajamas ¥ 13,200, accessories ¥ 11,000 ~, shoes ¥ 15,400 ~, kids’ cut-and-sew ¥ 7,700 ~, polo shirts. From ¥ 20,900, Sweatshirts from ¥ 15,400, Pajamas ¥ 6,050, Underwear ¥ 2,750

Lacoste x Minecraft will be available from Thursday, March 17th at the Lacoste Store and the Lacoste Online Store (



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