Anime x Baseball (2022)

Love Live! x Pacific League of Nippon Professional Baseball collab

There was a little different heat from the usual stadium. This season, the Pacific League and the anime “Love Live!” Series are collaborating. From May to July, 6 teams will hold a collaboration match at their home base. On the day, love live fans formed a long line from early morning in search of limited goods. At the talk show where the voice actors in the works will appear, they will wear collaboration goods uniforms to fill the special venue. The strange excitement with the right hands was exactly the atmosphere brought by the collaboration.

At first glance, baseball and animation in different worlds. However, I think the compatibility is good. The person in charge of Love Live said, “It’s a work in which the school idol group works together, and there is a spokon element. In that sense, collaboration with different sports industries may have an affinity. I got it, and this time I realized it with Mr. Pa League. “ Through SNS etc., mutual fans have received a lot of feedback, and it is effective as an opportunity to notice each other’s fun.

Pacific League that extends vertically through the Japanese archipelago from north to south. Some people come into contact with professional baseball as a result of love live, while others come to see the game and perceive a different atmosphere and get to know love live. “It looks different, but I think the essence of the customers is similar. It’s the love live series and baseball that make me feel hot when I see the team trying hard to achieve big goals. I think it’s a similar place, “said the person in charge. Different world views create touch points through collaboration between different industries, and both sides have merits.

The voice of harmony was raised naturally from existing fans. May 7th, a collaboration match at ZOZO Marine, the home of Lotte, against Softbank. The game was one-sided and Lotte lost with a big difference. Then, Lotte fans said on SNS, “I’m sorry for the love rivers who came to see me. Baseball is more fun, so please come again.” On the other hand, love live fans called for good manners, saying, “Don’t bother the team.” It was also found by trying that different industries did not become water and oil, but created harmony.

In the Pacific League, collaboration with the smartphone game app “Dragon Quest Walk” has entered its second year. This time, depending on the number of home runs in the collaboration game, we plan to present a supplementary ticket for the game. In addition, collaboration mega monsters have appeared in the stadium, and we are brushing up on a mechanism that naturally focuses on baseball games. “Baseball x different industries”. The path of coexistence and co-prosperity, not growth alone, has the potential to swell to many times the power. [Nariyoshi Kurita]



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