Game Viewing Ranking

On January 10th, Distribution Giken announced the domestic game category viewing ranking in December 2021. VALORANT has moved up from 3rd place last month to 2nd place.

Distribution Giken, which provides statistical information specialized for Internet live distribution, announced the top 20 titles in ascending order based…

High Japanese performance in digital card games by Hideo Ishii

From October to December 2021, a tournament was held to decide the world champions of three of the world’s most popular card game titles, “Magic: The Gathering,” “Shadowverse,” and “Hearthstone.”

It should be noted that Yuta Takahashi of “Magic the…

Nagasaki Kakuni Manju x Pac-Man collab

The classic and masterpiece of the dot-eat game is Namco Bandai’s “Pac-Man,” which is world-famous.
It’s a title that has been loved for over 40 years since its birth in 1980, and new titles continue to be released, so I think everyone has played it…

Sumikkogurashi Farm x McDonald collab

Smartphone game “Sumikkogurashi Farm is made”
Announcement of collaboration event with McDonald’s
-Limited decoration items such as McDonald’s signboards are now available-
-At the McDonald’s store, the sticker book of this work will also be presented for a limited time-

In the smartphone game “Sumikkogurashi…

Metaverse in CES2022

The world’s largest consumer electronics IT trade fair “CES” will be open to the public on the 5th (before dawn on the 6th of Japan time) in Las Vegas, USA. With the new coronavirus disaster, online shopping has expanded, and web conferencing and remote work have become…

Crest Gaming x Hotel Mikatsuki collab

The e-sports team “Crest Gaming” operated by Human Academy Co., Ltd., which handles the education business, has signed a sponsorship contract with Hotel Crescent Co., Ltd.

<From the news release below>

First in the hotel industry!
A working e-sports team will be established!


JR Hokkaido x Okhotsuk ni Yuu collab

From January to February 2022, JR Hokkaido’s Semmo Main Line and Sekihoku Main Line will develop a collaboration project with the old game “Hokkaido Chain Murder Okhotsk ni Yuu”.

“Okhotsk ni Yuu” is a retro game that was a hit in the 1980s…

Kinko Fisheries x Sengoku Gaming

Last year, Shohei Ohtani of the US Major League Baseball Angels played an active role in both throwing and hitting, and “Real Dual Wield” won the annual grand prize of the buzzword award. In Kagoshima prefecture, there are people who have two faces in various…


NOBORDER.z FZE (No Borders, Representative: RIO TAKESHI KUBO / hereinafter, NOBORDER.z) is a metaverse-compatible NFT game “NFT DUEL” developed by the company, Heroes Co., Ltd. (President: Katsuya Shirai / hereinafter) , Heroes)’s first NFT pre-order for the comic “ULTRAMAN” (Eiichi Shimizu x Tomohiro Shimoguchi) has started.


Gaming rental plan by Heiwa Housing

On December 25, Basara (Sendai City), which operates e-sports facilities, began offering a “gaming rental plan” to rent rooms with pre-prepared e-sports environments in collaboration with the Peace Housing Information Center (Sendai City). …

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